Petting zoo

All the animals are waiting for you!

Konijänkä's zoo is not your ordinary petting zoo. As well as the normal animals you'd expect to find on a farm, you can also find some more exotic creatures! Have you ever seen a camel in Lapland?

In Konijänkä's petting zoo you can find sheep, cows, pigs, laama's, reindeers, chickens as well as some reptiles and rodents. We have nearly 300 animals and almost 100 different species.

Pet us!

In our petting zoo you can get really close to the animals; to see their daily routines and even to touch/pet them. A Few of our animals are really looking forward to seeing you and enjoy getting petted: like Tarmo- the wild pig or Aslak the highland cow, Petunia the minipig, Hilma the camel, Kuura the donkey and many more.

Pop into our shop where you can buy some bread bags to give the animals a little treat.

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